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Cracking the ATS Error : 4 Common Mistakes in ATS Resumes

How to make ATS Friendly Resume

ATS (Application Tracking Software) is not a small-sheer in the recruitment world. Earlier, when a recruiter had to screen thousands of resumes to source for one designation, it was nothing but hectic. This tiresome process has been curbed due to ATS. ATS screening helps the recruiters to source only suitable resumes per designation and not only reduces time wastage but improves recruiter productivity too. But the concept of ATS-friendly resumes still has so many confusions and candidates who are looking for a career bump, or a fresher looking for a new job don’t have a specific idea how to create an ATS-optimised resume. There are so many ideas, specifications, and resume submission tips out there on the internet. Still, people face issues in finding a suitable job or they get rejected in the resume process itself. 

what is ATS Friendly Resume

An ATS-friendly resume is a resume that is designed to be easily read and understood by the applicant tracking systems (ATS) that many companies use in hiring These programs scan resumes for keywords and qualifications with the job description matches.


Before that, let’s understand how ATS screens a resume and helps the recruiter find a genuine resume. The ATS system is designed to gather and organize relevant data from resumes. This includes work experience, skill sets, education, and contact details, to facilitate efficient analysis. This feature enables employers to direct their attention to the actual content of your resume, rather than being influenced by the visual elements or design aesthetics.

The data that has been extracted is saved within the database of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Hiring managers utilize the database search function to identify appropriate job candidates by entering relevant keywords. 

As an example, in the case of a position as an IT Developer, recruiters will utilize the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to do searches for terms such as “Python,” “Developer,” or “AWS.” Resumes with these specific keywords are more likely to grab attention.


ATS-Error 1- Using a creative date format

Picking the right date style for a resume is very important for making sure that the parsing is correct. This choice is very important for making the processing process run as smoothly as possible, even though it might not seem important at first. There are two acceptable ways to write a date. Many people use the format MM/YYYY numerous times. One example of a date given is “November 2023.” This will help in avoiding ATS mistakes.

Whenever you use this date format, you should always put a leading “0” before months with only one number. Instead of using “4/2023” as an example, you should not use it. Another convenient way to write a date is to have the full name of the month followed by the year, as in “November 2023”. which is useful for ATS-friendly iterations.

ATS-Error 2- Using short forms (abbreviations) and acronyms

Some acronyms and abbreviations may seem clear to you, but an application tracking system (ATS) might not understand them as well. This can be a problem if your resume only has a term or abbreviation and the hiring manager wants to see the full word. 

For example, if a hiring manager searches for “Amazon Web Server” and your resume only has the word “AWS,” the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) might not find your resume. Because of this, it is very important to use both long forms of keywords and the names that go with them. Companies that are actively using the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to look for either of the specified terms will be sure to find your ATS-optimised resume if you follow this plan.

ATS-Error 3- Using tables or columns 

Some people looking for work try to make their resumes look good by using tables columns and other design elements to organise and show their relevant information most effectively. Unfortunately, using tables and columns in your application could make the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) confused, which could cause your application to have ATS errors.

Maintaining a direct approach is the best way to go about this job. Instead of using complicated graphics like tables and sections, it is better to use short headers and bullet points to make text easier for ATS optimization. By taking this method, you can be sure that the ATS will be able to find and sort the information you give it. It is suggested that you always use black dot bullet points. When an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) reads non-standard bullet points like stars, diamonds, and checks, it might not always get them right.

ATS-Error 4- Using creative fonts and document file type.

Using different fonts on your curriculum vitae might be a way to show off your artistic skills. But it’s essential to be aware that this could make an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) less valuable. Fonts that are easy to find and often used are good choices to avoid ATS errors. Some examples are Cambria, Calibri, Arial, and Times New Roman. It is easy to read; there are a lot of these fonts available, and they work with most application tracking system (ATS) software. One piece of advice is that you should use at most one font on your resume.

There are different types of files that application tracking systems (ATS) can read and write better than others. File types like.jpeg,.png,.rtf,.html,.pub, and .indd should not be used. Instead, you should use the following two file types. The ATS won’t have any problems with these things because they are used a lot. Microsoft Word (.doc,.docx) or Portable Document Format (.pdf) are both excellent file types for papers. It is a good idea to find out precisely what the company wants or needs. Some people may insist that resumes be sent in PDF files only, while others may prefer Word documents.


To conclude, ATS-friendly resumes might sound scary to make but are easy if done with proper tricks. Avoiding the above-mentioned ATS errors, you can make your way into any recruiter and find the right career bump or new job without facing rejections.

Quite possibly, there will be a time when you feel that you don’t have the right time or capacity to create an ATS-friendly resume by yourself. Even if you do, you will always have the fear of whether it is right or wrong. Simply hire resume writing services like One-stop content solutions. We are here to help you curate the best ATS-optimised resume as smoothly as butter for you.  


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