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ATS Friendly Resume With A Human Touch : Balancing Is Key

Introduction To Make An ATS-Friendly Resume

Today in the AI-driven world, where with a prompt one can get anything done, right from creative content to even building a resume. But there are many questions which AI can never solve even if it is a solution to every possible thing out there. Right from Resume optimization or creating an ATS-friendly resume, AI can never solve it. As an experienced resume writing expert, there has to be personalization in resumes. AI can give you words, but it can never replace a human touch required in a resume. The whole concept of creating a resume as per ATS requirements is YOU NEED TO DO IT YOURSELF!

Think of a scenario! 

You are an IT professional with 10 years of experience with a multinational organisation. You have an idea of what your requirements are when you are looking for a career bump, yet you are confused about what to write-because of-course! Ideation and Penning it down are two totally different things. So you take the help of AI- because you feel it’s an easy way out, but then you still don’t get what you wanted despite writing best prompts. 

Why AI can mess up your ATS Friendly Resume?

  • The Major setback of AI is that it has a tendency to serve you with heavy vocabulary, and as I said it before, heavy vocabulary doesn’t make an ATS friendly resume. 
  • When you have a lot of KRA’s (Key Result Areas) to present in your resume, AI can never help you optimise or summarise it, because it will give you long sentences, only to confuse you more.
  • Although 98% of the companies use ATS for sourcing genuine resumes, that is something which is a recruiting technology. When it comes to resume content no technology can help you curate personalised resumes, because technology can never replace human touch.
  • Although today AI claims to create ATS-friendly resume content, 90% of the recruiters have claimed that AI has never helped in ATS-optimization, because a machine is nothing but a set of binary codes lacking personalization.
  • ATS-friendly resumes require the right set of keywords, and mentioning all of them in a prompt only creates confusion for AI, making the content generic.
  • As per the professional experience, you will have a lot of skills, technical fortes and core competencies to present. Here again, AI leans towards stuffing those skills in every possible sentence, making it a problem.
  • It is impossible for AI to give you a right set of content if you have extensive experience, because you will have to write a bunch of prompts to curate a resume and there is no such guarantee that it will give you right set of sentences and keywords, which in-turn is a waste of time. 

How to Personalise a resume?

  • First and foremost, the idea of creating an ATS-friendly resume is a BIG MISTAKE!. From a personal experience, I can say that if you want to outshine yourself in your respective industry for a career bump, you need a resume which has your mind, after all nobody knows your profile better than you.
  • A personalised resume requires what you have done so far, what exactly are your competencies, and how you are willing to present yourself to the recruiter. For that no tool, AI, or even paraphrasing site can help you. Afterall, nobody wants to know about a machine.
  • When you are curating a resume, a rough draft of what is on your mind can always help you channelize your thoughts in one place. You don’t have to think about heavy vocab, or grammatical errors in the draft. But it can always help you gather all the information to create an ATS-friendly resume later.
  • Resume writing in this competitive corporate generation takes a lot of effort and brainstorming. As stated earlier, an ATS-resume should not be more than 2.5 pages. Now, when you have created the rough draft, all you have to do is put the right information with the right resume keywords as per the ATS-rules as per your respective industry requirements.
  • After putting the content in an ATS-friendly resume format, all you have to do is proofread it and edit the resume as per your understanding, and you are ready to rock the market. Of-course, an AI won’t proofread your resume for you.

How can you outshine yourself out there?

The major reason why people seek AI help is “Lack of confidence” and “Fear” of not reaching the right places if they create the resume personally. Another reason is that because of the corporate knick-knack, you might not have the time to create a resume for yourself. Well, that’s why experts like us are present in the market to curate a personalised ATS friendly resume for you. 

Afterall, only a human can understand a human. One-stop content solutions has been a pioneer in resume-writing service providing best resumes in 48-72 hours. All you have to do is give us the pile you have and we can give you a tailored resume. An AI will require you to write a prompt whereas our experts will get in touch with you and ask your requirements only to give you a personalised resume in no time irrespective of the years of work experience you have. 

Do you want to find out how exactly we have the ability to beat AI for the best ATS Friendly Resume?
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