How to Write Emails That Drive Sales and ROI?

How to Write Emails That Drive Sales and ROI?





How to Write Emails That Drive Sales and ROI?

Have you ever imagined how writing content for email marketing campaigns can help people grow their businesses?

Email marketing becomes challenging because an average person receives over 100 emails daily. It is even irritating as most of them qualify as spam.

But if you align your skills with email marketing, it can change the scenario for your business. When minor mistakes can worsen your response to your mailing list, you must be very careful before making any mistakes. Let us go through the tips and strategies below for writing great emails:

1.   Familiarize with your target market and write for it:

You might not choose to speak with someone you have just met the same way you speak with someone you’re highly familiar with. The same happens for your email too. Know how to master your content for your audience.

You already have a simple idea of your audience and targeted customers based on your work and the process of your work.

To find your target audience, you need to spend time and have an in-depth interaction with them through:

  • Answering questions on Quora and Yahoo Answers.
  • Attending events and passing on your business cards. Have a talk regarding your business aspects and interests.
  • Checking out for your competitors and polling for your existing audience.

Apply all of this learning while you craft your email. Just assume your target audience sits beside you and write an email with that perspective.

2. Personalize each email:

You can use a personalization token as one of the most critical tools in your email marketing. Name tokens come with the most fantastic choices. Some examples include: ‘Dear Reader’ or ‘Dear (name)’.

Most people prefer the second option if the name is correctly spelled. You can easily use other modes of personalized tokens to create familiarization and trust between you and your readers.

Don’t make the mistake of getting transformed from a skilled email marketer into a potential stalker.

3. Preferences should go for clarity, and then think about catchy content:

A subject line should be clear first and catchy second. It would help if you were friends with clarity because, with clarity in your subject line, you can jump to writing a catchy, funny, cute, whatever email and shoot the ‘send’ option. But entertainment should never compromise the option for clarity.

Urban Daddy is one of the examples which follows a very clear, catchy, and entertaining subject line. According to surveys, their catchiness has attracted many subscribers to stick to them.

4. Your subject line copy and email copy should stay in the same alignment:

It’s very crucial to know how your ‘call-to-action’ copy is aligned with your landing page. Your email message should deliver the promises offered by your subject line. Otherwise, your subscribers will completely avoid the entire email. Straightforward and accurate subject lines perform 15% better than diverted mail.

A high email open rate simply means nothing without the main component click-throughs.

5. Establish your relevance through content:

Just like the email subject line, you must have a proper idea of your emails’ contents to establish relevance through personalization. Your copy should have the message of the email. More than just a dynamic name tag attached to your email copy, you must understand the importance of convincing your readers. The very beginning of your mail should contain how you know each other.

The first paragraph of your email shouldn’t carry anything irrelevant to the entire email and have a smooth, direct, and crisp message mentioned to it. Better emails provide a greater likelihood to the person who chooses to click through and read the offers in the mail.

6. Talk about benefits, not the features:

Most entrepreneurs attempt the simple mistake of getting confused between features and benefits. Let’s straightaway have a look at what features would look like for an online course on mental health:

  • 100 pages of original content-brochure
  • 10-15 minutes of videos crammed with tips and strategies
  • A few quiz questions to analyze your knowledge
  • Q&A sessions with the instructor

And now, let us look at the benefits:

  • Gain access to 150 minutes of video, which will keep your mental health better.
  • Record your mental health progress in a personalized journal designed for you.
  • Participate in live Q&A sessions to have clarity on things that you don’t understand and learn from other mentees.
  • Get a 100-page brochure to maintain better mental health and track a record of your progress by yourself.

So, that’s it. Can you track the difference now?

Features mention what a client or a customer can get. Benefits explain the values of features.

7. Be brief:

If you are brief with your email copywriting, your prospective customer will appreciate that. Let’s look at the strategies and plans to make your copy brief:

  • Stick to one idea. Email marketing, being a long game, won’t allow you to tell everything in one message.
  • Learn to edit your own work or hire a robust editor. The first option is still better and gives a little time to it.
  • Big words and fancy phrases are only good in elaborate literature writing; it doesn’t suit a straightforward email copy.

Follow them, and many of your email subscribers will stay with you for longer. Keep your individual email as brief as possible.

8. Show what readers will not want to miss out on:

FOMO (fear of missing out) in email copy can drag your readers to your email. People do not want to miss out on things that might serve profit to them.

You must better use the weapon of FOMO in your email marketing campaign to encourage your subscribers to both open and read your delivered message.

9. Master the skill of adding P.S:

A P.S. drives attention to itself because it exists outside the rest of the mail. When you are done with finishing up your email, delivering your CTA, and giving your salutations, your addition of one P.S. enhances the chances of increased readerships.

10. Encourage your subscribers to share: 

Email marketing requires your attention to grow your subscriber list. You can easily start with your subscribers to wholeheartedly welcome them to share your content with others. They may share, and they may not, but asking won’t cause any harm.

When you decide to go with this option, you must include social share buttons, and with every click-through, you’ll get instant exposure.


You don’t require any sophisticated software to enhance your email marketing campaigns. Just master the strategies mentioned above, create an email series, and drive email marketing campaigns that work well with your consistent push. Build relationships with your subscribers, and if that goes well, it will culminate in sales. That’s what makes an email-marketing campaign special.

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